Hastings Dog Club


The Club is now ready to accept 2020 membership renewals. To JOIN or RENEW your membership head over to the ‘Membership’ area on our website to fill in our super easy ‘Sign Up Now’ form.

For new and renewing members, please visit us in the Club Rooms (8:30 – 9:30) on your first day at Club to finalise renewal. You will need to bring:

– CASH if you have not already made payment online;
– Remittance Advice if you have made payment by direct deposit / EFT;
– your dog(s) current vaccination certificate(s);
– your VCA (Dogs Victoria) membership card and/or concession cards (if applicable); and
– for renewals, your existing Membership badge

We look forward to welcoming you back to Club this year on Sunday 2nd ebruary and we wish you a successful and happy time with your dog(s) doing whatever you have chosen to focus on for 2019.