Hastings Dog Club


The Committee and Instructors ask you to observe, note and comply with the following:

  1. Upon joining, all Members agree to be bound by the rules & regulations of the Club.
  2. Under no circumstances is a handler permitted to hit a dog, be aggressive or use equipment inhumanely while on the grounds.
  3. Bitches in season are not allowed on the grounds.
  4. Dogs must be immunised against Distemper, Hepatitis & Parvo (DHP). Members are required to keep vaccinations up to date.
  5. Members, including instructors, committee & life members, must sign in (QR Code available).
  6. Members must be financial to join classes or attend events.
  7. Membership badges must be worn.
  8. All members are expected to help with either the setting up or packing up of the equipment. Please see the instructors for directions. Those physically unable will be given other jobs.
  9. ‘Poo Bags’ are available at the canteen. Handlers must clean up after their own dog.
  10. Owners must ask the handler of another dog before allowing their dog to approach for a greeting. If a dog is wearing a space coat (usually yellow), please respect their right to their own space and do not approach.
  11. All dogs must be on lead and under effective control. Unless known to you (and permission given by the handler), please do not approach and/or allow your dog to be in reach of and/or engage with other dogs.
  12. Dogs may be walked on the grassy areas behind the Clubrooms or on the outskirts of the Oval in front of the Clubrooms before 9.00am (or 8.30am on first training Sunday of the month) and after 12.30pm on Sundays. Dogs are not permitted off lead unless supervised by an instructor. Agility and Flyball dogs must be under effective voice control when off lead.
  13. Except for the enclosed Puppy Pen, there are no designated off-lead areas at Club. Please do not enter the Puppy Pen with your dog if another dog is using the space. Please keep your dog clear of the gate while another dog leaves.
  14. Agility classes are only on offer when trained instructors are available. All dogs attending agility training sessions must be more than 12 months old. Dogs under 18 months of age are not permitted to jump obstacles. For safety reasons, all agility participants must be under instruction of a trained Instructor at all times. If you wish to participate in agility you will be required to assist with assembling or disassembling & pack up agility equipment.
  15. All persons, i.e. Members or non-members, are advised that they enter the Club grounds and/or participate at their own risk. The Club accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any accidents for any reason, loss or damage to any person or property.
  16. If a dog, at an instructor and/or Committee’s discretion, is deemed to be a risk to a person or dog, any instructions regarding managing the dog on Club grounds must be strictly adhered to.
  17. Children under the age of 12 must be under the supervision of an adult at all times whilst handling a dog.
  18. Do not approach or allow your children to approach dogs that are tethered around the club grounds (some dogs become protective or unpredictable when left alone).
  19. Dogs may be left in cars provided: there is adequate ventilation & water, the dog cannot escape or bite people passing by & the temperature is not excessive. Owners to monitor.
  20. All members are welcome to stay behind after training. If you are having any problems or require information relating to your training, please feel free to speak to an instructor or committee member. They will be only too happy to give you any help they can.
  21. In accordance with the VCA ruling on restricted breeds of dogs and the domestic (feral & nuisance) animals act 1994, the Club requires owners of restricted breeds to leash & muzzle their dogs on training grounds. Junior handlers are not to be in charge of a restricted breed. Non-restricted breeds – the Committee will look at specific dogs on an individual basis and require them to wear a space coat and/or muzzle if it is felt necessary for the comfort & safety of all members & their dogs.
  22. No dogs are permitted in the Kitchen or in front of the Canteen.
  23. No smoking within a 10 metre radius of the clubhouse.

Obedience Ring

  1. Obedience ring can be constructed on request; however help with construction and/or deconstruction is mandatory. If you wish to do Open or UD work you will be required to assist with assembling & disassembling any additional equipment.
  2. An Instructor will supervise the smooth running of the ring; however, feedback will only be given if sufficient instructors are available on the day. If you wish to do your work in the ring without using the services of an instructor, you are quite welcome to do so but please be conscious of other members who may wish to use the ring

Club Competitions

Entries must be received and paid by the closing date (one week before the competition).

Entries will not be taken on the day

Members must have attended at least 5 training sessions since the last club competition to be eligible for prizes/ribbons.

Classes usually offered are: Beginner Puppies, Beginner Adults, Intermediate 1 & 2, Advanced 1 & 2 and the Trial Classes (CCD, Novice, Open & UD).

A  handler may NOT enter the same dog in Advanced 1 or 2 as well as a Trial class at the same club competition.

All classes will be run regardless of the number of entries.

If entry for a particular class is considered excessive, the class may be split into two sections with prizes offered for both.

Trialling Classes i.e. CCD, Novice, Open and Utility will be offered whenever there are members training/competing at that level who wish to compete at a Club Competition.

An Agility/Jumping/Tunnelers Class as well as Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, Rally Excellent and Rally Masters will be offered relevant to the standards of current members training/competing.

Head halters may be used in Beginners and Intermediate classes only.

Food /toys may be used in Beginners and Intermediate only.

Unless otherwise agreed, Club Competitions will commence at:

9:00am with trialling classes.  (CCD, Novice, Open and Utility).

10:00am for Beginner Puppies, Beginner Adults, Intermediate 1 & 2, Advanced 1 & 2, Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, Rally Excellent, Rally Masters and Agility (Jumping).