Hastings Dog Club


Q. How much is membership?

A. Membership varies on a few factors including:
-single or family?
-standard or concession?
-what month you join?
-are you a Dogs Victoria / Victorian Canine Association (VCA) member?

Membership fees are on a reducing scale throughout the year, so if you join later in the year it will be less than at the start.

Q. How long does my membership last?

A. Membership is valid for the calendar year in which you join and should be renewed by the February of the following year.

Q. If I renew do I pay another joining fee?

A. No. There is no joining fee payable when you renew the following year, provided your membership is continuous. This means that you need to renew before the end of February of the following year. After that time, however a new joining fee will be automatically applied as your membership will be considered to be non continuous.

Q. What day/time is training?

A. We train on Sunday mornings.

  • Our Induction session is held at 8:30am on the first Sunday of the month (pre-registration essential).
  • The Foundation Course starts at 9:00am on the first Sunday of the month and runs for 4 weeks.  Pre-registration essential
  • Beginners and Intermediate Classes start at 10am.
  • The Advanced Classes currently start at 9am however, the format (eg. Class, Trial Ring etc) and / or start time for this class may change throughout the year (please check Calendar)

Q. Are there any times when Club does not run?

A. There is no training on weekends where there is a Public Holiday on either side of the weekend.  In addition, the Club closes for a summer break in the first week of December.  Classes resume the first Sunday in February in the following year.

Q. Where is training held?

A. Training is held on the athletics oval behind Westernport Secondary College. Entry is on High Street Hastings, opposite Villawood Drive (look for our sign at the entry gate).

Q. The website says you take puppies from 12 weeks of age, but what if they have not had all of their vaccinations yet?

A. Before your dog is accepted for training a vaccination certificate confirming your dog is vaccinated for Distempter, Hepatitis and Parvovirus (DHP) and showing that the due date for the next vaccination has not passed must be provided.  Puppies attending classes must, at minimum, have received their “First Puppy Vaccination” and, in addition to providing proof of vaccination at  time of joining must also provide the Club with a Vaccination Certificate after pup has received their “Final Puppy Vaccination”

  • 6-8 weeks – First puppy vaccination
  • 10-12 weeks – Booster vaccination
  • 14-16 weeks – Final puppy vaccination

Titre tests are accepted.  Vaccinations against canine cough and protection against heartworm is also recommended prior to training.

Q. Can I sign up and pay on my first day at club?

A. Unfortunately not.  You will need to complete the Membership application form online. Confirmation of vaccination together with proof of any concessions is also required before making the trip to Club.  Payments can be made using PayPal or Debit/Credit card (no additional cost to you). Applications close one week before the next Foundation class, or when the class is full. Remember to check our calendar for the next start date as well as the membership page.

Q. I only want to do flyball with my dog, do I still have to do the Foundation Course?

A. All new members attend an introductory Induction session and block of four Foundation Classes.  These classes are appropriate for dogs of all ages and, whether you are subsequently interested in obedience or flyball provide a wonderful opportunity for you and your canine companion to acclimate to often new and novel sights, sounds and scents of the Club environment.

Foundation blocks start on the first Sunday of every month and run for four weeks. After completion of the Foundation classes most new members will start their training journey in our Beginner’s classes. That said, Instructors may immediately promote more experienced teams to an higher level and more appropriate level of class.

Q. I am transferring from another club and we already have been competing for many years. Do we still have to do the First Day Induction and Foundation Class ?

A.Yes you will need to complete both Induction and Foundation. If you and your canine companion have a solid foundation of obedience or specialty (eg. Flyball) and wish to progress directly from Foundation to a level better suited to your dog’s skills (ie. not Beginners), please speak with your Instructor who can assess and promote more experienced teams to an higher level and more appropriate level of class.

Q. Do you offer puppy classes?

A. We do not run a puppy school any more, however our Foundation Classes cater for puppies as well as older dogs.  Where numbers warrant (and subject to availability of Instructors) we may split Foundation Groups into younger and older dogs.

Q. How much are classes each week?

A. There is no additional fee to participate in weekly classes.

Q. Does it matter that my dog is not de-sexed?

A. Not at all. We accept all dogs, no matter whether they are de-sexed or not. Bitches in oestrum are not permitted on Grounds.

Q. My dog doesn’t get on well with other dogs. Can I train with the group?

A. Of course. As long as you can control your dog, you’re welcome. Your dog will need to wear a yellow ‘space coat’ or ‘space leash’ that lets other owners know to give you and your best mate some extra room and not approach without checking with you first. Please make yourself known to your trainer at the start of a session.