How much is membership?

Membership varies on a few factors including:
-single or family?
-standard or concession?
-what month you join?
-did you purchase your dog from a registered rescue organisation such as the Peninsula Animal Aid (PAA) or the RSPCA?
-are you a Victorian Canine Association (VCA) member?

What day/time is training?

We train every Sunday morning. First Day Induction, Beginners and Intermediate Classes start at 10am.  Advanced Classes start at 11am.  Check the Calendar for other dates and times.  There is no training on weekends where there is a Public Holiday either the Friday prior or Monday after Sunday.

Where is training held?

Training is held on the athletics oval behind Westernport Secondary College. Entry is on High Street Hastings, opposite Villawood Drive (look for our sign at the entry gate).

If I fill out the membership form now, can I just pay on my first day at club?

Yes! Sign up online, and bring your registration confirmation email, along with your Vaccination certificate and any concessions you hold, down to the club.  Registration will be open for new members on Sunday between 8:30 to 9:30.

The website says you take puppies from 12 weeks of age, but what if they have not had all of their vaccinations yet?

Your puppy does not have to have had all of it’s vaccinations, as long as they have had one. We still need proof of this so don’t forget to bring the certificate on your first day.

My dog can already sit and drop, is First Day or Beginner's Classes going to be too easy for us and boring for my dog?

Not at all. The First Day Induction is only an introductory day to Hastings Dog Club. Your dog will be assessed and placed in an appropriate obedience class after the first day.

My dog is 4 years old, is he too old for your Beginners Classes?

Absolutely not! Our Beginner’s Classes are designed for any canine companion no matter how old.  We have two Beginner’s Classes, one for pups six months and under and another for pups over six months old.

I only want to do agility with my dog, do I still have to do the First Day Induction / Beginners Course?

Yes, no matter whether you wish to participate in obedience, flyball or agility, all new Members must attend First Day / Induction Class.  After completion of this ‘class’ most new members will start their training journey in our Beginner’s classes.  That said, Instructors may immediately promote more experienced teams to an higher level and more appropriate level of class.

I am transferring from another club and we already have been competing for many years. Do we still have to do the First Day Induction Class ?

The First Day / Induction class is only for the first day, and your dog will be placed into an appropriate level obedience class after this date.

How much are classes each week?

Classes are $2 per week per dog no matter whether you participate in First Day Induction Class, obedience, flyball, agility or all three.

Does it matter that my dog is not de-sexed?

Not at all. We accept all dogs, no matter whether they are de-sexed or not.

My dog doesn’t get on well with other dogs. Can I train with the group?

Of course. As long as you can control your dog, you’re welcome. We can even provide you with a yellow ‘space coat’ that lets other owners know to give you and your best mate some extra room and not approach without checking with you first.

We do not run a puppy school any more, however our beginners obedience classes cater for puppies as well as older dogs.

Training on Sunday Mornings

Hastings Athletic Track (opposite Villawood Drive)
(behind Westernport Secondary College)
High Street, Hastings. VICTORIA
PO Box 444 Hastings Victoria 3915
Phone: 0435 HDODC 4 (0435 436 324)